The Martian 

The book is very informative and resourceful that I very much enjoyed reading. The film gave me enough images for understanding the book without struggling with technical terms. Definitely trying to read 2nd times for all those terms.

You might say the book is all about the over optimistic and over genius guy who had his whole plan worked out and stood up every time life (Mars) threw rocks at him. How easy his life is? However, I’m more touched and focused on the humanity aspect of the story. Why cost millions of dollars rescueing a super-easy-to-failed mission? As why cost millions just to dig up and retrieve wreckage of missing planes? Because we are humans. We hope, we love, we care, we learn, we explore and we do the best we can. We don’t stop until we get something, both lessons and more over, respect! Who will ever be throwing themselves in exploration, to innovate, to grow if knowing no one will be by their sides?


The event that all Ares 3 crew had it “all planned” shocked me to the guts about the reality that human has to face. After all, it’s all about “the big picture”. I almost cried finding out what really would have happened if failed and what human can only do while the globe is still spinning as it is.


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