Nocturnal Animals

Do you like a film so painful yet beautiful that you can’t take your eyes off even for a bit?

[Somewhat Spoiler]

For me, the movies is about Edward’s revenge that it turns out they switch roles to each other. She becomes like her mother that she has refused all of her life and becomes a “romantic” person who is so touched that she wants to return to her past feelings and ex-husband. And he becomes a “realistic” person who ends everything at his own hands. His book’s painful ending can somehow represent his real life ending of her which could comfort him? Will the book be published and will he be successful to make that a decent revenge or he’s just so sensitive (weak?) that abandoning her at the dinner is enough revenge for him?

What is it with her mercifulness upon her colleague trying to fire a staff? Is that her becoming “unrealistic” or can we say “weak”?